Sid Drmay is a nonbinary queer artist who grew up online. Their work aims to mix the world wide web with the offline world through textiles, screenprinting and zines. They are based in Hamilton where their two cats get in the way of everything they make.

They have always had a deep affinity for textiles. When they were young they began sewing strange and hideous stuffed animals for friends. It was not long before they learned to sew by machine and began creating costumes for Halloween and conventions. As they grew up they found new ways to use textiles and create things through knitting, embroidery, sewing, screenprinting, and weaving. They constantly fall in love with all the forms that textile art can exist.

They especially explore ways that they can merge their love of the online world with the very tactile and physical world of textile arts. Growing up online has had a huge influence on their work, spending hours upon hours sifting through data and talking to people they'd only ever know through a wifi connection affected their way of viewing the world. Their hope is to continue to find ways that they can weave the digital world into the real work they create by embracing the way glitches, code and screens can be re-created and interacted with in textile arts.

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